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As the Cadillac of Horseshoes, this is what sets the professionals apart from amateurs. Included are four official size and weight forged horseshoes, two with chrome plating and two with brass. So that you can display your horseshoe dominance anywhere at any time, the set also includes two chrome-plated stakes with tapered points and a classically styled carrying bag. The National Horseshoe Pitchers Association (NHPA) has sanctioned this set for authenticity to the sport. Ringer (4) Official siz...


Franklin Sports 50003 Classic Horseshoe Set is now popular and broadly displayed. There are also many events of product evaluations via actual end users. Franklin Sports 50003 Classic Horseshoe Set can be considered as a fashion item right now. If you are doubtful regarding it, you can seek the last evaluation of product to support for you to decide.

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Brand : Franklin Sports

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